Stündenglass The “DOK” for Modül


Transform your Stündenglass Modül into a versatile handheld device with the Modül Dok. Featuring 3mm borosilicate glass, a 4 hole welded stem percolator, and an anodized aluminum stand, the Dok attaches seamlessly to the Modül via a standard Stündenglass magnetic adapter to create a powerful all in one device with robust heating options for concentrates or dry material through interchangeable tanks that can reach temperature in as little as 15 seconds. A 90° USB-C charging cable allows for simultaneous charging and use thanks to easy access to the Modül charging port.

*Stündenglass Modül not included.

Glass Piece:
3mm borosilicate glass with magnetic adapter ring
6” rectangular Dok glass
2” bent neck mouthpiece
4 hole welded stem percolator

Anodized Aluminum Stand:
Stable for table top use
Base parts are interchangeable for use with custom glass pieces

Magnetic Stündenglass Valve Stem
Classic Stündenglass valve fitting with o-rings
Built in resin/claim catch
Removable silicone plug for easy cleaning
Fixed set pin for stable connection

90° USB-C charging cable to charge and use at the same time
Cutout in the base for easy access to Modul charging port
Can be used as Modul charging dock