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Flower Wand Kit

MiniNail’s famous Micro Enail Kit is now in the form of a flower with the Flower Wand. A plug and play setup for flower using convection system.

The Flower Wand is an injector style ball that utilizes small quartz spheres to heat up air as it flows through a titanium thermal tunnel and onto your flower bowl. This allows for the best experience available for flower.

Simply add flower to your bowl and place the flower wand on top. As you pull air through your glass rig, the flower will begin.

Flower Wand Dry Herb Details

• Injector Style Ball.
• Accurate and Precise Temperatures
• Temperature Range from 0-1000°F
• Fast heat up time
• Extremely small and lightweight
• Low Power Use (Only 1 amp)
• Internal Fuse for safety
• Can be hooked up to smart devices (Amazon
Alexa) with a smart plug
• Compatible with almost any glass rig
• Can be used with a portable battery pack
• Made in Seattle, Washington USA
• 2 Year Warranty


• FLOWER WAND (20mm Heater Coil, Silicone Heater Handle, Titanium/Quartz Engine, Quartz
Terp Spheres, Poker/Paker Tool)