Fenix Pro – Dry-Herb Vaporizer เครื่องอบสมุนไพร

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FENiX launched with the 7th generation of vaporizer the FENiX Pro, it comes with a patented ECA technology. The FENiX Pro is the spearhead of vaporizer technology and ECA convection technology is as advanced as it is unique. It has never been easier to vaporize more efficient and comfortable herbs!  The FENiX Pro is a revolution! There is no other vaporizer that combines innovation, design, handiness and user-friendliness so skillfully.

Special feature
– ECA Convection Flavour for medicinal herbs
Colour : Black

Included components

The product does not contain sticks, pre-filled cartridges or refill containers. This product contains no substances and is intended for use exclusively with legal medicinal herbs for aromatherapy.


Wattage : 30 watts
Battery power : 2600

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